About us

The Piano Meetups are a kind of “reading club” applied to the piano. Piano students are “usually” young people whose parents enroll them in a music school or conservatory. But sharing piano moments with adults is not as easy.

Learning piano as an adult is a challenge, nothing less. However, on this path, I have always wondered if there would be no people in my same situation, wanting to play the piano as an adult, and wanting to share moments around the piano with like-like people.

From there comes the PianoMeetups movement, we are not by far the first piano club. There are crowds around the world, namely London in 1901, one of the most active there is, but the most active.

We are a totally voluntary initiative. Club members do not pay fees of any kind. Only the costs of renting the piano and the venue are divided among the people who attend the meetings.

We play for ourselves, without any economic interest. Whether it’s because you’re trying to take away your stage fright, because you’re preparing a repertoire or just for the pleasure of doing it, any pianist, at any level, is welcome.

Constructive criticism can be sought in execution, but no wizard is expected to offer advice, only if the interpreter wants ratings.