Zoom Meeting 10th April 2021

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An online meeting was held Saturday 10th April 2021 using  Zoom conferencing software and was attended by fourteen pianists. Zoom has been the only viable way of meeting for the past twelve months of this Covid pandemic and during this time fourteen meetings have been held. We have found that Zoom meetings run more smoothly if there is an underlying theme to each meeting which guides the  choice of music that is played. Saturday’s theme was “ The baroque together with impressionism” which may seem a strange choice but it worked rather well. All meetings start with one of the members giving an introduction to the theme. Members then played according to a predefined programme consisting of the following pieces;

  • Sonata no 84 by Soler
  • Ridicolosamente by Prokofiev
  • Arrival of the Queen of Sheba, Handel
  • Reverie by Debussy
  • Preaambulum supra Jesu by J. L. Krebs
  • The Holy Boy by John Ireland
  • Suite in D by Handel
  • Preludes by Lennox Berkeley
  • Pieces by Purcell including Lillibullero
  • A piece from Six Epigraphes Antiques by Debussy
  • Harp of the Winds by Billy Mayerl

To maintain the quality of sound during Zoom meetings many of our members record their music and archive it into a private Youtube channel. It is then played back during the meeting by the Zoom host using shared screen and sound.

Our next meeting will be Saturday 8th May 2021 with the theme “Music in the classical style”

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